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Screenshot Captor: Very complete tool to take screenshots in Windows


Those of us who work as bloggers usually have to have a good tool to take screenshotsThat is why today I want to recommend you a complete free tool called Screenshot Captor, which is intended for Windows users.

I think it must be one of the most complete tools that exist to carry out this type of task, and best of all, it is completely free.

The application is very complete since it allows you to make all kinds of captures, especially special objects such as mennes, to make captures with scroll, something that very few softwares support.

The little program comes with a built-in image editor, with which we can add arrows, stamp texts, add shapes such as rectangles, circles, ellipses, etc. It also has all kinds of effects like shadows, blur to hide sensitive parts, and much more.

Key combinations

  • PrtScr: Capture the full screen.
  • Ctrl + PrtScr: Take a screenshot of the active window.
  • Shift + PrtScr: Take a screenshot of a selected area.
  • Ctrl + Alt + PrtScr: Take a snapshot of a fixed region.
  • Ctrl + Shif + -PrtScr: Take a capture in scrolling mode or of a Windows object.

Link: Screenshot Captor

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