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Save Data, with the official Google app: Datally

Save Data, with the official Google app: Datally

Are you looking to save data on your smartphone plan? Phones are constantly evolving, but do the gigs of your plan stay the same? Then you will love to meet Datally, an official Google app that we can download from the Play Store, capable of showing us in real time which apps consume the most, and choose which apps can use our data plan.

That's right, it's a much more detailed option to keep our data plan, because through Datally we can give you access only to apps that we really need, or that our plan has placed as unlimited (usually messenger apps, such as WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger), helping us to save data in our plan, or to adjust consumption when we are reaching our next billing cycle.

Datally focuses on three main pillars: knowing data consumption – know where the contracted gigabytes or megabytes go – control which apps use our data plan, and save data

That's right, we also have a Data Saver or data saver that uses a VPN to monitor consumption (locally) and blocks access to connections to apps that are in the background.

In addition, Datally, in an effort to save data, will notify us every time you find public Wi-Fi signals, so that we immediately go to them.

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According to information from Google, he tried these functions in the Philippines, and found very positive results, saving up to 30% on data.

The app is available from the Google Play Store, for devices with Android 5.0 onwards