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Samsung's new Dex Pad goes on sale May 13 for $ 99.9

Samsung's new Dex Pad goes on sale May 13 for $ 99.9

After many attempts over the years, Samsung was one of the first to realize the dream of being able to transform our phone into a kind of PC, thanks to the Dex Station last year with the S8. The idea is quite simple: we connect the phone to the Dex Station and not only does it charge and show us the content on a screen or monitor, but we can connect a keyboard / mouse and use the phone as if it were a computer. How? Well, when connected, the entire environment changed to one similar to that of a Windows PC, with the possibility of having multiple windows and open applications. Apps like Word, Excel, YouTube, and more, were adapted to give us a fairly complete experience. And since the phone already has a powerful processor, the experience was quite good.

Now, for the S9, Samsung has further refined the experience and for this, it is launching a Dex Pad, a new version of the Dex. Unlike the first generation, where the phone was held at an angle, now the Dex Pad leaves the phone horizontally, so that we can take advantage of the phone screen as a trackpad and thus not have to carry a mouse.

In this way, just charging the Dex Pad, a Bluetooth keyboard and an HDMI cable will allow us to use any screen or monitor and immediately turn it into a workstation. I did the experiment on a recent trip to Brazil with the S9 and an alternative adapter (the Melopow, which also works with the Nintendo Switch as a portable Dock) and the experience was very good!

Here you have it:

This new Dex Pad will be sold through the official Samsung page from May 13, and is a definite improvement over the model of last year, since we no longer need to load a mouse with us to use the device.

This is a product that has Windows support, giving us access to virtualized Windows desktops, VDI solutions and also cloud ecosystems from Citrix, VMWare and Amazon, direct from our phone!

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I love that we continue to explore this topic of transforming our smartphone into a device increasingly capable of replacing a PC or Laptop, when we travel. Just connect it to the hotel TV and voila! We have a workstation to work from! In a future trip, try to do the experiment not only to record all the video with the cell phone, but edit it using Dex!

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