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Samsung Internet Browser for Android, now available to everyone!

Samsung Internet Browser

A light and fast alternative to Chrome on Android

Samsung Internet Browser

Today, Samsung has made its browser, previously available only on branded devices and Nexus / Pixel phones, available on any modern phone with Android Lollipop (5.0) onwards.

And before you finally ignore it and forget about its existence, let me tell you that it is a pretty good browser. It is based on Chromium, so it has the same Chrome compatibility, but the browser has many extras such as content blockers (yes, built-in adblockers), QR code reader, and a Dark Mode – which we can find from the accessibility section – which changes the white background of many pages to black, making them more readable at night.

Samsung Internet Browser

It is a browser that offers several conveniences, and in my experience using it on the Galaxy S8, I have found that it feels even faster than Chrome. Scrolling on pages feels more fluid. This, combined with other conveniences – saving pages for offline viewing later, an excellent track record and tab management – make it a fairly viable alternative. In fact, on the S8 it became my default browser, replacing Chrome. And I suspect the same will happen on my other phones, now that it is available for any smartphone with Android 5.0 onwards.

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