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Review about Google Chrome, the new Google browser

Review about Google Chrome, the new Google browser

Yesterday we talked about the exit of the new Google browser to the web for download and free use for all people. Today, we will review this product to convince users to download it and use it as it is a very good browser.

Me I think I have tried all or at least almost all the browsers available in Windows (IExplorer, Firefox, Seamonkey, Safari, Opera and now Chrome.), And I did not try another operating system because unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to do so. But I could highlight it to Google Chrome among others, mainly for its ultra elegant and minimalist design and its powerful performance and usability, very characteristic of Google.

As for design, it takes all the prizes, it is extremely minimalistwhat nico he owns is the eyelash bar, which comes along with the option to close, minimize or maximize the window without the need for the separate Windows default bar, and after that only have the address bar, which incidentally, highlights the url mother of the site, which comes by default with the next Internet Explorer 8 and that can be easily obtained in Firefox with a plugin.

The navigation bar is very similar to that of Apple's Safari, it is more, too similar that you could even say that the buttons are the same but of a different color and also the search bar on the pagea (Ctrl + F.) It adapts very well to the browser design, at the top occupying the corner, forming a totally clean and error-free design, very well from Google.

Regarding performance, the program surprised meI don't know if I'm the only one but I consumes a little over a third of what Firefox normally uses of memory, something very positive this that it does not consume many resources since many users could choose it for this reason.

Although there are other options to Firefox that consume less, not all alternatives to browsers have the same fluidity to interpret the HTML code, but what I liked most about the browser is that it only consumes a few approximately 30 megabytes of ram to work, and the fluidity with which he does it is incredible, I think the best point in favor of everyone.

Speaking of web programming standards, Chrome manages to pass the second Acid Test without any difficulty, but with the third only manages to respect 77% of the code used in it, is not a bad average, although the Opera surpasses it with a higher score, but for what is customary today with browsers, achieving a 77 out of 100 in the third Acid Test It is a very good score and another good point for Google with the browser.

There are also other curiosities about the browser, such as the option to view the source code of a website does it directly in a new tab, and without the need to open a separate window as Firefox does with its normal behavior. Also, history also opens in a new tab no need for a separate sidebar or anything, and makes it very convenient to review andSame goes for downloads, and a very novel thing is that you have the option to search among the downloads, not to do it by hand and save you more time.

Also, another of the best characteristics is that When you open a new tab, the last visited sites and the sites that you have visited the most times with the browser appear., to save you time; But all this very quickly and without hangs, something rare in Windows.

Just like in Safari, the Google Chrome You have the option to enlarge any text box, in case you find the text box very small, in the lower right part there is an arrow that when you press it and move the mouse you can enlarge or return to its original state the box that you have to write.

Normally when installing a browser, I had to install the Flash Player separately, which did not happen to me with Chrome And I would like to know if anyone else tries it and can confirm this, which is quite useful because sometimes it is cumbersome to have to install thousands of things instead of just a simple browser, this will save a lot of time for people who download it. Possibly it is because to view YouTube videos you need the Flash player in it, and since YouTube is from Google, it is essential that you bring it installed for your users; Although this is just my hypothesis, and I would like to know if someone manages to confirm it :).

You could affirm that the browser It is very Google-style. Minimalism and usability. That is what the developers have based on to make Chrome and I honestly think it has turned out spectacular. Of course he's just in diapers the software, and probably in future versions they will bring many more improvements and novelties, and maybe correct some bugs (That until now I did not find any, weird …).

What is certain is that other companies are going to have to get to work full time to match and / or beat Chrome, which by the way with this it is noted that Google prefers to launch things late but well finished, since for being a newborn It is quite complete and at the height of today's browsers.

In short, despite being very new and just in its first final version, it is a very good option that will surely become my browser by defeco. Sure, maybe at some point it extracts the smart history bar from Firefox 3, or other things, but the novelties and the speed that Google Chrome has to react will mean that it never wants to touch another browser.