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Restore Windows on every restart with Reboot Restore Rx

reboot restore rx

Cybers normally use programs that allow restore equipment settings when the administrator decides, it is almost always when they restart. With this we avoid that clients break our computers, change configurations, install malware or viruses, and who knows what kinds of things an unsuspecting user can do.

Today I want to recommend a tool of this type called Reboot Restore Rx, an application that is installed on the computer and creates a computer image or backup and restores it every time it is restarted. That is, no matter how much the user changes the wallpaper, deletes the network connections, or breaks whatever occurs to him, at the next system start it will be as it was before.

It also protects the MBR and has a kind of mini startup operating system for when Windows does not start, so we can restore the computer even if we cannot enter the OS.

In short, with Reboot Restore Rx We can go back a computer no matter what happens, always after the restart it will be zero kilometer as before.

Link: Reboot Restore Rx

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