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Resize a batch of images with Picture Resizer

Resize a batch of images with Picture Resizer

Picture Resizer It is a simple but powerful application that allows you process and resize one or more images at a time just drag and drop. It is an executable that when dragging the images processes them automatically, for example, they want to resize an image, drag it to the Cone of Picture Resizer and it will resize it instantly.

What they have to do is download the executable, which only weighs 300KB. When you see the name of the file you will see that by default it is PhotoResize400.exe, which means that dragging the images onto the cone will resize them to 400 pixels wide. But if you want to change the output size of the images, you just have to rename the executable, for example, if you want the output image to be 800 pixels wide, PhotoResize800.exe.

The truth is that this simple application is very powerful, also on the official site they have available a tool called Renaming Wizard, which allows you to obtain the correct name for the executable according to the functionality we want it to have, to replace the input image , to save in another directory, to process an entire directory, etc.

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