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Report on knowledge, use and trust in free software


The people of PortalProgramas have made a report on the assessment of free software in society, and have contacted us to publicize its results. The truth is that I am not surprised, it is more or less what one imagines, but it is not the same to read it in a report made with users and well organized.

– 81% of society has some knowledge of what is the term free software, however, only a small part of them knows the philosophy behind it. Many do not distinguish between free and free software, which is quite normal.

– The majority of users who know what free software is use it regularly, however, if we divide it by age target, young people are the least important. Adults are the most concerned with using free software.

– What users of free software value are the constant updates offered by development communities, something that is indisputable. Free developments are always more up-to-date than commercial ones.

– In terms of trust, users who do not trust free software, 52% are because they are afraid that malicious code on the computer. But those who use it regularly know that you can insert harmful code in both free and commercial software.

What I posted here is a short summary of the report, the full one has 26 very interesting pages on what people think of free software.

You can download the full report in PDF: Valuing Free Software in Society