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Rename a file with ID3 data

Rename a file with ID3 data

A few weeks ago I reinstalled the operating systems of one of my computers and obviously I had to make backups, for this I used Brazier, with which I recorded some DVDs with enough information, but when I opened the DVDs I found that the fucking Brasero had completely changed the file names of everything on the DVD.

It really was a weird thing because rename all files and directories to 8 characters and upper case, something really annoying that I don't know why. What bothers me the most is because of the music, but I started looking for a way to rename music files from ID3 tag data.

Doing this I found an application called ID3-TagIT, which within its advanced functions of renaming and organizing audio files has a very interesting option that allows rename the file name from the ID3 tag dataSo if the file has the correct ID3 data, we can rename the file easily.

Another useful application that I see for this program is that of being able to correctly rename the files that we download (hehe) from exchange networks, in which the files are usually badly written, with numbers, hyphens instead of spaces, lower case instead of capital letters, etc.

Unfortunately, ID3 tags are only available for files in MP3 format, so if you have music in other formats in your collection, such as WMA, OGG, ACC, etc., you will not be able to use this application.