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Rainpaper: A dynamic rain wallpaper for Android

Rainpaper: A dynamic rain wallpaper for Android

These last few weeks I have started to personalize the Android interface more. I've left Action Launcher for a while – my favorite launcher for years – to experiment a bit with Nova Launcher, now that it offers support for Google Now.

As part of this redesign of my Android homescreen, I've also started testing Live Wallpapers and new wallpaper services for Android – we'll see in a future post next week. But I wanted to tell you one that I thought was great: Rainpaper

You can see it in action in my video of S7 vs S8:

Rainpaper allows us to add a rain effect to any wallpaper we have on our phones. It is a very realistic effect, which we can customize as desired. We can, for example, vary the wind speed, the amount of rain, if we will see lightning appear on the screen, and how cloudy the wallpaper will be.

The effect is highly effective and dynamic; It is not a video rain layer that runs over our photos that usually looks terrible. In my use – I already had this fund a few weeks ago – the battery consumption was not excessive and, in my opinion, it was worth it, because the effect is simply great.

The app costs $ 1.99, and of all the apps that try to simulate the rain effect, Rainpaper is the best. If you want to have a different, unique Android wallpaper, Rainpaper is an excellent alternative.