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Quik: The Best Video Editor for Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook, etc.

Quik: The Best Video Editor for Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook, etc.

Do you want to create a fast video that is synchronized to the beat of the music? Have dynamic transitions mixing photos and videos from a recent trip or perhaps Christmas dinner, to share it on Facebook or other social networks? The best alternative, for a long time, has been Quik. The application was purchased by GoPro a couple of years ago and since then, it has been improving considerably in the functions it offers.

The editing process in Quik is super fast and easy. Unlike something like PowerDirector, which gives us much more control over editing and emulates a nonlinear desktop editor like Final Cut Pro X or Premiere quite well, everything in Quik revolves around automating the editing process. We don't have as much control over the end result, but we can get spectacular videos in a matter of seconds.

Something that I love is that it offers support for Google Photos, so we don't even have to have the photos locally. I stop jumping between phones – the ones I have to research, and the ones I use regularly – so not all the photos, I have them locally. Being able to pull photos from the cloud is a great relief, as it allows me to generate videos with content from multiple phones. The recent update introduced videos in portrait or portrait mode, which is perfect if we want to give a new touch of production to our Instagram Stories or Snapchat., now that they are more permanent thanks to the highlights.

And the recent update also introduced support for Motion Photos on Android and Live Photos on iOS, so we can see not only the image, but the video animation and place it in our videos.

Quik is definitely a fast editing app that cannot be missing on your smartphones!

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Even though the name has GoPro, don't worry, you don't need a GoPro to use the app.