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Qualcomm: Below-the-Screen Fingerprint Sensors for 2018

Sensor de Huellas

Fingerprint Sensor

We already know what the trend will be for 2018. This year we had it with more elongated screens, such as the S8 and the G6. Now? Well, with this new technology developed by Qualcomm, a fingerprint sensor under the screen could be a reality for many smartphones.

Several companies have tried so far, without success. One of the reasons the fingerprint sensor on the S8 is in an awkward spot, according to reports, is because Samsung failed to prepare the technology in time to put the sensor under the screen. And it is a technology that will not arrive in time for the Galaxy Note 8 either.

However, in an announcement during the Mobile World Congress Shanghai, Qualcomm showed that they already have a working prototype.

Fingerprint sensor

How does it work?

The most interesting thing is the implementation of the fingerprint sensor. Instead of using an image scanner, the fingerprint reader uses ultrasound to see through the panel, as long as it is not so thick. That's right, sound waves are used, which allow the fingerprint to be read through the screen, but In addition, they allow to detect other factors such as heart beat and blood flow, eliminating the need for these additional sensors. This would also allow you to work underwater, something that capacitive sensors – the ones we have on the market today – cannot.

Fingerprint sensor

And yes, product development is already underway, with samples coming to manufacturers in October, so that the first phones with this technology will hit the market in the middle of next year.

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The question is this: Will someone else get ahead of Qualcomm with this type of implementation? Samsung manage to place the fingerprint sensor under the screen of your Note 8? Does the Vivo smartphone that appears to have a fingerprint sensor under the screen work properly? What will Apple include in his new iPhone?

The next few months will undoubtedly be interesting in this regard.