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Private and Secure Alternative to Facebook Messenger: Signal

Private and Secure Alternative to Facebook Messenger: Signal

The Best Alternative to Facebook Messenger to maintain our privacy and security

Tired of insecure apps that keep private conversations in clear, unencrypted text? Signal Private Messenger, available for Android / iOS is an application that puts our privacy and information security first. After the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook scandals and once again checking how little Mark Zuckerberg and his companies (which include Whatsapp and Instagram) value our privacy; After discovering that the Cambridge Analytica information leak also included private messages, you need to havean alternative to Facebook Messenger that is 100% secure.

To the Using end to end encryption, Signal can assure us that every message we write can only be read by the other person.; messages cannot be intercepted. But it should be noted that Signal also works, on Android, as an alternative to the SMS client, allowing us to send text messages and, if it detects that the other person uses Signal, move to send secure text messages.

Despite being relatively new, Signal from Open Whisper Systems is a fairly mature application. In fact, it also includes the possibility of making calls (on Android and iOS), free of charge, using our data plan, privately.

In fact, Edward Snowden, who will reveal how the United States government monitors and monitors many of its citizens, has personally recommended the app as the safest of all.

Although it is currently available on both mainstream mobile platforms, we will soon have a browser extension that will allow us to send and receive messages. The application does not create new accounts, or passwords. Instead, use our phone number to send messages.

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