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Panoramic Photos on Instagram with Panora (iOS) and Pannify (Android)

Panoramic Photos on Instagram with Panora (iOS) and Pannify (Android)

Since Instagram allows us to put multiple photos in a single post, a new trend has been generated: that of being able to cut a panoramic photo into multiple images so that it is much easier to view from a phone. Vern: to see the multiple photos that one uploads to Instagram, it is necessary to swipe or swipe to the left. This, therefore, is perfect for moving forward and seeing the rest of a panoramic image.

For iPhone: Panora

I was testing several for iPhone, and the one I liked the most was Panora. The application is super easy to use, and automatically detects the Panoramas that we have taken in iOS. Of all the ones I've tried, it's the one that offers the cleanest and most intuitive interface. Just load the photo, choose how many segments we want the image to cut (if the option does not appear immediately, tap on the image to display the options) and voila!

Panora allows us to remove the watermark from the app if we see an advertisement, or we can unlock it forever if we pay $ 1.99.

Once we have cut the photo, we put Post to Instagram or save it ourselves to the Reel, we select Multiple Photos on Instagram and Post!

Here is the result using Panora:


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For Android, we have Pannify. I've also tried a number of apps, and what I like about Pannify is that it has no annoying ads or watermarks.

Like Panora, the process is super simple: we select a photo that we like and is panoramic, and then we cut it into a number of squares to put it on Instagram. Then we select, on Instagram, the option of multiple images and voila! A panorama that we can make Swipe to see complete.

The app offers support for high-resolution images, so there will be no loss of quality when the image is cut. We even have the option to share the photos directly to Instagram from the app instead of going through the gallery. And yes, we can cut an image in up to 10 photos, which is the maximum that Instagram allows to upload.

And there you have it! This is how easy it is to upload panoramas to Instagram!