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OnePlus 5: The iPhone with Android. A powerful phone, for $ 479

OnePlus 5: The iPhone with Android. A powerful phone, for $ 479

New OnePlus 5 offers a dual camera system, and a very, very familiar design.

Today the website is full of articles about the OnePlus 5. The company has managed to put several units in the hands of several reviewers so that everyone, at the same time, can get their articles on the phone. We have articles on Engadget, The Verge, videos from MrMobile, Dave Lee, and more, to link to at the end of the article.

But what is new with this smartphone? For starters, it's the most expensive phone OnePlus has ever released. Gone are the days of offering premium features at a mid-range price (The OnePlus One offered a Snapdragon 801, 3GBs of RAM, for 250), and now we have a phone that does, maintains certain high-end features (such as the processor, RAM, and storage), but it's priced to put it already in the range of a premium mid-range, costing $ 479 for the base model of 64GB of storage. This lower price, however, sacrifices some things we've seen at this year's flagships like water resistance, higher-quality displays, and better designs.

Returning to the theme of design, there is no doubt where OnePlus got its inspiration: the phone is almost identical to the iPhone 7 Plus that came out last year. The camera settings, the microphone, the flash, and even the logo are a blatant copy of the Apple phone. A pity not to see more imagination on the part of the OnePlus team, but certainly a calculated measure, since it appeals to a design already known to millions of people.

Leaving aside the issue of design, the dual camera system is also very similar to that of the iPhone 7 Plus: we have a 16 Megapixel wide lens, and a 20 megapixel telephoto. Unfortunately, neither lens has optical stabilization, which has caused some negative reviews. A pity, considering that the point that OnePlus wanted to highlight more with this fifth model, was the photographic quality.

Despite these shortcomings, for a phone under $ 500, it seems that they will hardly find a better alternative. Here I leave you with the reviews! I think PocketNow defined it pretty well: this is the iPhone, for Android fans.

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