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Nova Launcher Prime is at $ 0.99 / S / .0.99 !!!

Nova Launcher Prime is at $ 0.99 / S / .0.99 !!!

The Pro version of Nova Launcher, called Nova Launcher Prime is on sale today for the lowest price you can find in the Play Store for your regions! That is, in Peru it is S / .0.99, while in the United States, it is $ 0.99!

Nova Launcher is one of the best launchers or launches applications that you will find in the Play Store. If you don't like the interface that your phones have when they are on the home screen, and would like to be able to customize it at ease with a super light and stable launcher, Nova Launcher is among the best options you will find. And the Prime version offers multiple benefits over the free application, such as

  • Gestures: Be able to perform multiple gestures to launch apps or perform actions
  • Unread message counters: Receive notifications in the cone of the app, informing how many emails, Facebook messages, tweets and more we have yet to receive.
  • Hide apps: The possibility of hiding apps that we never use (and maybe we cannot uninstall) from the Drawer.
  • Groups in the Drawer: Create custom groups in the Drawer to separate, for example, favorite apps, or apps by categories.

Once they buy the Nova Launcher Prime license, they will have it forever in the pro version! I bought mine years ago, and despite using multiple launchers over the years, I've always had Nova as my backup, which I always return to after a while, for its ease of use, level of customization, and stability / speed.

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Download Nova Launcher Prime at the lowest price, here