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New Windows Live Movie Maker available


The people of Microsoft today announced the launch of the renewed Windows Live Movie Maker, your video editing software. Until now, several years ago they did not renew the application, it was always the basic Movie Maker, which allows you to make basic edits, put together videos and presentations almost automatically, create clips and other things.

It comes with many new features, it is already a slightly more advanced tool, but always with the Microsoft touch, offering the possibility that people who do not have much knowledge can put together their videos, since what people normally look for, according to what the creators say , is a home use that is mainly based on the creation of basic videos with few images and some sound.

Some of the novelties that it brings are a live preview to see how the transitions between the clips are, automatic adjustment of the length of the sound according to the video, share the video that we finish editing on YouTube thanks to its built-in uploader, also It has the Auto Movie function that creates the videos without doing anything in less than a minute, adding subtitles, adding voice effects to photos and videos, etc.

You still have to clarify something, only works with Windows Vista and 7, if they use another version of Windows they will be left wanting to try it. Another thing that does not convince me is its weight, I do not understand how it can be an application that weighs 134MB, but hey, Microsoft is to do this kind of thing.

Download: Windows Live Movie Maker

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