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New battery with Graphene from Samsung could give us more capacity and fast charge.

New battery with Graphene from Samsung could give us more capacity and fast charge.

Finally, thin, long-lasting phones?

Could Samsung have hit the nail on the head to leave the stagnation we are in on issues of autonomy? For years we have seen how the rest of the components in our smartphone evolve at an accelerated rate, except for one: the autonomy of our smartphones. The short duration of our phones, I think, It has become one of the biggest complaints we have today..

And everything seems to indicate that Samsung could have the solution, by using graphene balls in its In Lithium batteries. Graphene has long been named the miracle material because it is extremely strong, elastic and has excellent electrical conductivity.. And now we would have one of the first practical applications of graphene in today's technology.

According to Samsung, this would give us batteries with 45% greater capacity in the same space, and that could charge 5 times faster than current batteries.. Yes, Imagine charging the full capacity of the battery in just 12 minutes. It would be a goodbye to be charging battery packs, because in what it takes us to have a coffee, the phone will go from being empty to fully charged.

Of course, this is at best. But given the little bit of advancement we've seen on drumming, any extra extra advancement is welcome. As we saw in the review of the Mate 10 Pro – which has the BEST battery in a high-end smartphone – autonomy is for me a fundamental, somewhat critical issue, due to the importance that smartphones now have in our lives.

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There are no details from Samsung SDI on when to be this type of technology implemented in their smartphones, but hopefully it will be soon.

Via AnandTech