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Mx One, antivirus for removable storage devices

Mx One, antivirus for removable storage devices

Mx One

One of the most common means by which viruses move, after the Internet obviously, are removable storage devices, MP3 players, USB sticks, external drives, etc., so it is very important to always be aware of a good antivirus for those cases.

Mx One is an antivirus specially designed to protect our removable storage devices. Something worth rescuing is that it's from mexican development, something that, apart from its efficiency, pushed me more to comment on the blog.

The download is very light (1MB), and when we have it on our computer we have to unzip the file and run it (it has a FAQ) to install the antivirus wherever we want, for example to install it on a USB we choose that option, and ask us to Let's connect the device, install it and you're done.

Now when we want to scan the removable device we will always have it at hand wherever we go. Something I liked is that the interface is multilanguage, another point in favor of this application.

Mx One Scanner

Seen on Jimbalo Vos (thanks for the warning!)