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Moto Z2 Play Hands On: First Impressions of the new Motorola phone (VIDEO)

Moto Z2 Play Hands On: First Impressions of the new Motorola phone (VIDEO)

A couple of weeks ago I was in Brazil, where the launch of the Moto Z2 Play took place. I put my first impressions of the Moto Z2 Play in text here, in the original article. And today, I wanted to leave you with the video of the event, in addition to an interview with Guillermo Zegarra, Motorola Product Manager, as well as Manuel Cigarn, Motorola Country Manager, who answered some questions on the phone. And yes, they also assured me that despite the reduction in battery, the Moto Z2 Play is still a phone that quietly lasts the entire day.

To refresh the memory a little, this Moto Z2 Play is the successor to the popular Moto Z Play, the phone with the best autonomy of 2016 and that really set a new standard in this regard. It made high-end phones stand out for this reason, for better autonomy compared to other high-end phones such as the S7 Edge, the LG G5, and other phones of the era. In addition to the optimizations by Motorola, much had to do with Qualcomm's excellent processor, the Snapdragon 625, which mixes acceptable, balanced performance with autonomy that other processors envy.

Now the Moto Z2 Play brings with it the new Snapdragon 626, an upgrade to last year's processor that promises improvements in performance and durability. From what I was able to test at the event in my brief hands-on with the team, the phone felt quite smooth. It should be noted that Motorola has included the 7.1.1 version of Android, an even more current version than the one we see in the S8 or LG G6, which continue with 7.0. And yes, there are significant improvements in 7.1 on autonomy issues.

Another point to note is that the phone will come with 64 GBs of storage and 4 GBs of RAM, compared to 32 GBs of storage and 3 GBs of RAM from the previous model; A significant improvement, especially in storage issues.

We will have more details of the phone when we have one for review! Meanwhile, I leave you not only with the video you see above, but with more details of the Moto Z2 Play in the other article with impressions.

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