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Moto G5S Plus: Unboxing (Video)

Moto G5S Plus: Unboxing (Video)

Today was the launch of the Moto G5S Plus, a more premium version of the Moto G5 Plus that we loved a few months ago. This new version brings certain improvements in certain essential points, which we will see below.

Metallic Design

Adapting the metal that we usually see in lines such as the Moto Z and Moto X, the Moto G5 Plus replaces the main equipment material with metal, giving it a more premium feeling when we have it in hand. The design remains almost identical, but the metallic body makes it feel, at least on a first impression, closer to the Moto Z2 Play (whose review is finally out this week).

13 Megapixel dual camera

Perhaps the most striking thing about the Moto G5S Plus is its dual camera system at the rear; It is the first Motorola team, in Peru, to implement this system. What the Moto G5S Plus does is give us a monochrome and a color sensor, mainly with a single objective: to give us the possibility of blurring the background, separating the person or objects from the background.

I was told that it is not possible to use just the monochrome sensor to take pictures (as with Huawei phones) so this dual camera system is mainly just to separate the lens from the background.

I tried it briefly and it's definitely a fun thing to get the attention of the target audience. Motorola has implemented the ability to modify the background. In other words, we can automatically cut ourselves from a photo and put ourselves on the Great Wall of China, or wherever we want. The effect is fun and worked well in the demo. But yes, it is necessary to have good lighting


The screen of the Moto G5S Plus is also larger, at 5.5 inches versus the 5.2 inches of the Moto G5 Plus, but it maintains Full HD resolution.

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I will be testing the phone these weeks, in the meantime here is the Moto G5 Plus Review: