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MenuSub, search and rename subtitles from the context menu


MenuSub it is a simple but useful tool to search and rename subtitles, especially for those who consume many TV series. It supports most of the video formats that are most used to rip series, so you will not have problems with that.

It can be renamed from the video to the subtitles or vice versa, search for trailers of the chapter on YouTube, search for the subtitles of the chapter on the internet, search for the full name on Google, etc. Ac I leave the list of functionalities:

  • Match name based on video: Copy the name of the video and paste it in the subtitle.
  • Match name based on subtitle: Copy the name of the subtitle and paste it in the video.
  • Rename both based on the name: It renames both the video and the subtitle leaving only the name of the series, episode and season.
  • Search in the Web: It can be used on several files at the same time, if it is a video look for the subtitle in Subdivx and if it is a subtitle look for the video in torrentz.
  • Search on Youtube: It is useful to see the trailer. As the name says, search for the selected file on youtube.
  • Search in Google: Search the name of the series, its season and chapter in Google.
  • Search full name in Google: Like the previous one, only this searches for the full name of the selected file.

After the break I leave you a video to see how it works