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Meizu in Peru. The Chinese brand comes with three teams, the M5C, M6 and M6 Note

Meizu in Peru. The Chinese brand comes with three teams, the M5C, M6 and M6 Note

Today in the morning I was at the launch event not only of new phones, but of a brand in Latin America. Yes, Meizu, a recognized brand of Chinese origin that has already had a good level of acceptance in Europe, arrives in Latin America, with the plan to set up its operations center in Lima and then expand to Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, and other countries. of the continent.

The brand has arrived as part of an alliance with Bitel, which is putting the equipment at reasonable prices. extremely aggressive. Let's go see the teams launched!

M5C: The Base Model

The alignment begins with the M5C; a phone with basic features but powerful enough to run the most essential applications. In addition, it is at a succulent price of S /. 369 in Prepaid with Bitel.

The team stands out for its striking colors. I loved the color red: imposing, striking, attractive.


This becomes the intermediate model for the entire Meizu lineup for this first half of the year. We have an improved 1.5 Ghz processor, a slightly larger screen, but still with an HD resolution (1280 × 720) instead of Full HD, and the same 2 GBs and 16 GBs of internal memory (expandable via microSD).

This phone, however, offers an improved 8 Megapixel front camera for selfies, and a better rear camera, too. The equipment is available for S /. 449 in Prepaid in Bitel

M6 Note

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Finally, we have the M6 ​​Note, the phone with the highest range of those presented by Meizu. Unlike the previous ones, this one has a screen with Full HD resolution and 5.5. We also have an additional gigabyte of RAM to finish with 3, but unfortunately, the 16 GBs of internal storage remain. Something low for 2018. However, like its two brothers, this phone also has a very comfortable price of S / .749.

As a processor, we have the efficient and fast Snapdragon 625 combined with a 4,000 mAh battery; an excellent combination to give us a long duration.

Interesting phones because they bring features of higher ranges closer to phones with prices really competitive.