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MegaDownloader: An automatic download manager for Mega


Megadownloader is a new automatic download manager for Mega, with which we can manage all the downloads we make from that server.

The advantage of having a download manager is that we can add links to download to the application and will take care of downloading them automatically without us having to do anything.

Among the general characteristics that we can mention we have the possibility of pausing and resuming the downloads, this is very useful if the power is cut off and the computer is turned off: P. It also captures links from the clipboard, it allows us to limit the download speed so we don't consume all the bandwidth.

This application has support for a new mega link protocol: // (something similar to torrent magnets) with which we can open links and have the app automatically detect them by opening and starting the download.

And something that is very useful is the automatic shutdown At the end of the downloads, this is very useful for those who leave the computer on downloading things and then want it to turn off automatically.

Link: MegaDownloader

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