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LG V30 leaks, showing us an almost borderless phone

LG V30 leaks, showing us an almost borderless phone

These months are going to be extremely interesting; We started with the Galaxy Note 8, followed by the V30 in August. Then, in September we will finally have the launch of the new iPhone and we will close October, with the announcement of the Google Pixel.

One phone that has started to leak everywhere, however, is the LG V30. LG, for a couple of years, has divided the launches of its flag phones in 2: in the first half, we have the G line (like the G6 this year), while for the second half, LG is usually reserved for a bigger, more powerful phone with the V line (like the V30, in this case).

In years past, Line V has given LG a chance to experiment. The V10, for example, was its first phone with dual cameras, although it had it from the front. It was also the first LG phone to bring up a second screen, at the top, reserved for shortcuts, notifications, and more. The V20 was offered as a phone for video producers, as it gave us absolute control over the photo / video camera, including the possibility of directing the audio capture. Adopted the G5's rear dual camera, but kept the V10's secondary display

The V30? The V30 apparently abandons this second display, to focus on giving us something more conventional: an LG G6 with fewer edges, more screen, and bigger, as we can see in this leak from the expert @evleaks

In fact, it looks a lot like a Galaxy S8 Plus. From what we know so far, it is a phone with a 6-inch screen and an 18: 9 format. What's interesting is that it would be LG's first OLED phone, the long-awaited transition after many years of using LCD panels.. It makes a lot of sense; After all, LG is the main promoter of OLED technology in its televisions (and yes, LG continues to produce the best high-end televisions thanks to OLED), so it will be interesting to see it in this team.

On the other hand, the V30 also it has a camera with an f / 1.6 aperture that could finally solve the problems of LG cameras: they are excellent by day and with light, but it hardly darkens, the quality degrades considerably. LG has also commented on the use of glass instead of a plastic lens that improves photos in the dark and also reduces edge distortion.

Finally, it will be first LG phone to incorporate the Snapdragon 835 (The G6 used the Snapdragon 821), but judging the few differences we have seen in performance between the two, the most important thing about this announcement is that we could see improved battery life, another weak point that has haunted LG all these years.

The LG G6 has fascinated me; it's still one of my favorite phones so far this year, with its hilarious camera and better ergonomics than the competition. But the battery, poor performance of the night camera, are points against that, hopefully, the V30 completely solves when this phone is announced in late August.