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LG announces the LG G6 +, a version with more RAM and Storage

LG announces the LG G6 +, a version with more RAM and Storage

One of the negative points of the LG G6 that I detailed in the review, was that it only offered 32 GBs of storage while the closest competition, the S8, has made the right decision to offer a unique model of 64 GBs. In an era of pure 4K video, high-resolution photos, and heavier apps, a high-end phone should have, in my opinion, 64GB of minimum storage. Despite this, the G6 remains an excellent candidate for smartphone of the year, thanks to its excellent design, attractive screen and improved cameras compared to previous models.

Now, LG will offer a new G6 model, the G6 +, which will come with 128 GBs of storage and premium sound, thanks to including a new 32-bit DAC quad.. A DAC or Digital to Analog converter is in charge of converting the bits and bytes that come out of the phone, to sound towards our ears. The better the quality of the DAC, the better the sound quality (as long as they have decent headphones, of course). In addition, the pack will also bring with it a set of headphones from Bang & Olufsen, making it one of the best options for melmanos. Little by little LG has been positioning itself as the best choice for those who like good music since the release of the G5 and its audio module, which makes me happy to see how tradition continues with this special model of the G6.

It should also be noted that an update planned by LG for the G6 will bring new features. To be released in July – along with the G6 + – this update for current owners of a LG G6 will bring a feature called Face Print, a way to unlock the phone with the face, in addition to a new energy saving mode, and a special notice every time the wide angle lens is covered by our hands

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This version of the LG G6 will be launched first in South Korea, and will reach other regions in the coming months, according to LG.

The review of the excellent LG G6: