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Know all the details of the Huawei Mate 10 from @huaweimobilepe!

Huawei Mate 10

I will not lie to you: Huawei Mate 10 is probably my most anticipated phone (with Android) of the year. The Mate 9 continues to remain among my favorite phones of the year: despite having been launched in early 2017, its performance exceeded several other phones launched later (such as the G6), and equal to the fastest, such as the S8. The large 5.9 display is perfect for gaming, and its 4,000 mAh battery lasts me all day with heavy use. It's the phone I take with me on trips.

Huawei has further committed to high-end phones, leaving out the low-end market, according to Richard Yu, the head of the consumer division, because the margin is too low. The Mate 10, wherever you look at it, seems to be the realization of all those competitive promises. Huawei is leaving for a frontal attack, and the Huawei Mate 10 is the phone that is at the forefront for the company.

And yes, we finally have an official date for the launch of the phone, which will take place on October 16!

Huawei Mate 10 design

What we can expect from this new phone is an edge to edge or edge to edge screen, following current design trends, as you can see in the filtered image above. Something remarkable, according to the leak, is that Huawei would be returning to the fingerprint sensor on the back, after experimenting with a front sensor with the P10 and P10 Plus.

Video based on renders (unofficial)

Unlike other high-end phones we've seen this year with glass bodies, however, the Huawei Mate 10 could again come with a metallic, aluminum back. Since the P8, Huawei has used metal as a fundamental part of its designs, after leaving behind the glass used in the Ascend P6 and P7. Taking into account how well the brand works metal – especially with the refined design of the P10 that we saw in the first half of the year – I bet they will keep using it. This, however, will leave out the possibility of charging it wirelessly, since for this, a phone with a glass back is required. Considering how fast Huawei phones charge – thanks to SuperCharge technology, which charges fast even when in use – this isn't a big deal.

The renderings seem to indicate a black color – anodized aluminum – but we do not know more details about other possible colors.

Something that we could potentially see with the Mate 10? Waterproofing, or resistance to immersion in water. I mentioned this in the teardown, or disassembled from the P10 Plus, which will link at the end of this section. The P10 Plus, despite offering virtually identical features to the P10 (it's a bigger P10, nothing else), Has a dramatically different assembly or assembly than the P10, with adhesive on the screen instead of screws. In order to take it apart, you need to heat the phone to loosen the adhesive, and then use a few suction cups to remove it. This is quite common on phones with Waterproofing, like the S8, G6 or iPhone 7 Plus. It seems that Huawei has used the P10 Plus as an experiment before making waterproofing with the Mate 10 official.. This technique is not uncommon; Apple did something similar with the iPhone 6S, before announcing the iPhone 7 as waterproof (IP67).

If we add to this the rumor that the Mate 10 does not have a headphone jack (the 3.5mm audio port), it is almost certain that the Mate 10 will offer, for the first time on a Huawei phone, the Waterproofing (IP67 ? IP68?) As an innate feature of its design.

Huawei Mate 10 screen

Another thing that we can notice is that the phone is higher than usual, undoubtedly implementing the 18: 9 format of other flagships such as the G6 or S8. It looks really spectacular. Regarding characteristics, This display is expected to have a 6.1 AMOLED panel. This is a clear change from the LCD panel used by Huawei in almost all of its smartphones to date.

Also, if the leak is correct and we have an edge to edge screen, we would be in front of an even thinner and smaller phone than previous Mates.

On the other hand, in addition to going from a 5.9 Full HD screen, the Mate 10 would be making the leap to a Quad HD screen, with a resolution of 2560 × 1440. Or, having the 18: 9 format (that is, a longer screen), we would be facing a resolution of 2960x1440m giving us approximately 480 pixels per inch. A sufficient density to use it in VR headsets without problems.

Huawei Mate 10 camera

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Something for which Huawei has stood out from the rest of the phones, is in the quality of its camera. It is the best available, in the right hands. Sure, there are cameras that take better photos in auto mode, like the S8. But in the hands of a person who knows how to control the aperture, modify the exposure time, adapt the ISO to the circumstances, and a recent Huawei phone, such as the P10 or Mate 9, leaves the competition behind.

There are not many details about the camera of this new phone, but we do know that the partnership with Leica continues and thanks to the renders, we know that it will have the dual camera configuration that we have seen over time.

Photo quality made a pretty big leap between the P9 and Mate 9, and we also had image processing improvements between the Mate 9 and P10, so I'm looking forward to seeing what Huawei does with the Mate 10's cameras.

Huawei Mate 10 performance and other details

As for Performance, the phone will come with the Kirin 970 Processor. Considering that the Kirin 960 – available on the P10 and Mate 9 – matches or exceeds the Snapdragon 835 in many performance tests, we expect great things from this new processor. Huawei. The phone would also have at least 6 GBs of RAM and 64 GBs of internal storage, expandable via MicroSD.

As a battery, we would see a 4,000 mAh (identical to that of the Mate 9 and 8), but which, thanks to expected improvements in the processor, could make the phone last even longer. Something that may disappoint some, is that the phone, according to the leaks, may lack a port for headphones (the 3.5 mm).

Another detail that I would like to know soon, is the version with which the Huawei Mate 10 will be launched. Will it be with Android Nougat? Or will we see Android O on the phone? Taking into account that the launch date or announcement of the smartphone is in October – the same month in which Google announced the Pixel 2, along with Android O – I do not have much hope of seeing this new version of Android on the Huawei phone. But considering how well the brand has performed with updates (at least on unlocked phones and free of operator software), an update to Android O in the near future is not a far-fetched idea.

Anyway, this is all we know, so far, from the highly anticipated Huawei phone. All these details will finally be clarified on October 16, so stay tuned!

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