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Kaspersky GSI, tool for obtaining advanced system information

Kaspersky GSI

Get System Info (GSI) is a tool developed by Kaspersky, which obtains information from the system, either hardware or software in a fairly advanced way, which helps us detect possible incompatibility problems and suspicious things. The first thing we have to do is download the GSI from the official site and run the analysis to generate a log, which we will then have to upload to analyze.

The analysis will take a few minutes, and then the program will generate a report in a zip file, which is where all the information obtained is. If they unzipped it, they found a text file with the info, but this is difficult to understand, it is just a log to upload to the GSI Parser, the tool that will analyze the log and show us everything more ordered.

The GSI Parser (they give it to examine and choose the zip that the little program generated) is the tool that will give us the information already analyzed and in a more understandable way so that we can identify possible problems and see what hardware and software components our computer has. Everything is ordered by tabs with the different information, such as system information, drivers, processes and services, printers, system components, etc.

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