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JustResizeIt !, resize images on the fly


We have already discussed several tools for resize imagesAs time goes by I find applications that make the task easier, to the point of doing it almost on the fly, as in the case of JustResizeIt!. This application is based on Adobe AIR, it is very light and fast.

It consists of a kind of widget with a very simple interface, where the different predefined measures appear to resize the images. If we want we can add more custom sizes, all we want. When we want to resize an image, we will only have to drag it to the cone that indicates the desired measurement, and in a couple of seconds it is automatically resized.

Once resized, what happens to all will happen to them, they will not see the outgoing image, for this they have to drag the white square that is in the cone to which we drag the image, we have to drag it out of the widget so that it save the image in the new size.

It should be noted that we can resize images by batch, it is the same procedure as with an individual image, we only drag all the images we want and that's it.

Seen at Jkwebtalks