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Is your iPhone super slow? The battery may be to blame! Here's how to check the status of your battery!

Revisar el estado de Batería del iPhone.

We saw and checked it last week. If the iPhone 6S (or earlier) they have feels sluggish lately, chances are the phone's battery has degraded. Apple, to prevent the phone from turning off out of the blue when it is at 40% or less, reduces the overall performance of the phone when the quality of the battery has decreased. Considering that the iPhone 6S has already been on the market for 2 years, most iPhones 6S must be suffering from this problem, as we saw on the slow iPhone 6S. But how do we know if our battery is in bad condition? Today we will see some ways to check the battery status of the iPhone!

Check iPhone battery status from iOS

The first method is the simplest: go to Configuration / Battery. If iOS detects that the battery is in bad condition, we will see a notice at the top, which says Your iPhone battery may need a repair. There are no more details, but this is a clear sign that our battery is Kaput.

Check iPhone battery status with Coconut Battery

We've seen the tool a couple of years ago, but it's still as relevant and useful as it was back then. Coconut Battery can tell us not only the state of the battery of our Mac, but also that of the iPhone! The tool only works on a Mac, so if you have one on hand, it is one of the best ways to get detailed information about the state of our battery, and check the battery status of the iPhone.

Check iPhone battery status from Apple page

One of the easiest ways to review is to do it directly with Apple. The company launched a special website to detect iPhones affected by the battery problem. Simply enter the serial number on the Web and, if our phone is among those affected, we can go with this test to an Apple Premium Reseller or operator to demand a free battery replacement, because our phone is among those affected. This program covers the iPhone 6S affected for the 3 years since the purchase, so if you plan to act on it, do so as soon as possible in 2018, three years after the launch of the iPhone 6S.

Note: this only covers the iPhone 6S / 6S Plus.

Check iPhone Battery Status with iBackupBot (Windows)

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If you don't have a Mac, the best way to check the iPhone battery is to use iBackupBot. Yes, it costs $ 35, but they have a free 7-day trial version that we can use to check the status of our battery. I discovered the app thanks to How To Geek

You just have to download it, connect the iPhone to the PC, wait for it to identify it and when it does, we go to the More Information option, or more information. Here all the additional information will be displayed, such as the quality and capacity of the battery.

If the FullChargeCapacity is way below the DesignCapacity, then it's time to replace the battery.

Where to replace the iPhone 6S battery?

If they have a badly damaged battery, they have multiple options to replace the battery. Here in Peru, unfortunately, Apple's technical support is not very good, but they can try their luck with Apple Premium Resellers and wait for them to do a good job.

Another option is to order the iFixit battery replacement kit, which costs $ 30 and includes a new battery, and try the repair ourselves by following the iFixit guide, or go to any of Apple's product technicians. The advantage of relying on the iFixit Kit instead of the batteries they have in repair centers? That the iFixit is a brand new, factory guaranteed battery.