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Is this the LG G7 ThinQ?

Is this the LG G7 ThinQ?

Much is not known about the LG G7 ThinQ, except that LG has been delaying its launch so that its sales are not affected by other launches that have already happened (S9, P20), and the strong rumors that LG was thinking of getting rid of the name. G7 to launch a completely new product, with a new name.

New leaks of LG G7 ad materials have recently been discovered by AndroidHeadlines, showing the LG G7 ThinQ in front and behind, curiously without the G7 engraving anywhere, only LG

The phone, apparently, will come in 5 colors (blue, silver, pink, a lighter blue, and black), plus the notch at the top of its Fullview 18: 9 screen. Given the few differentials in hardware that the G7 has compared to its competitors, LG seems to be strongly promoting the integration of AI, that's why the nickname ThinQ, which we saw with the V30S ThinQ at the Mobile World Congress, which you can see in this publication and videos:

The phone will be revealed in May and as we can see from the leak, we will have dual cameras but vertically instead of horizontally aligned, similar to how we have them on the iPhone X, S9 and P20. Considering that numerically the G7 would be below the S9, iPhone X (or 10), and P20 – ys, believe it or not, this is something that affects users or potential buyers at the point of sale who are not so deep into the tech world like us – maybe LG chooses to just call it ThinQ (which, by the way, is pronounced zinc, instead of zinqui, as one would believe).

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LG is one of the remaining manufacturers that has yet to announce its primary phone this year. Considering that it was one of the first last year, with the LG G6, it surprises so many delays.

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