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IPhone X Plus could increase demand in China for the new model, according to KGI

IPhone X Plus could increase demand in China for the new model, according to KGI

The iPhone X has not been as successful as expected in China. The reasons are several, but they align quite well with the reasons why many, including myself, opted for the iPhone 8 Plus. For starters, with the Plus we are obtaining a phone with almost identical characteristics, at a lower price. On the other hand, iOS 11 is not yet fully adapted to the gestures of the iPhone X; that is, some things work better without the Home button (like multi-tasking), but others are a problem, like Control Center, which is located in a rather awkward place to use. In addition, apps that are not adapted – including many Chinese apps – for the new screen (with the notch), end up with a total screen area that is very close to that of the iPhone 8, instead of the 8 Plus.

However, according to Ming Chi Kuo, all phones this year will adopt the iPhone X look, with a notch at the top of the screen and an 18: 9 format. Additionally, we will finally see an iPhone X Plus, larger than the current iPhone X, which is what many are waiting for.

Due to the low sales of the iPhone X in China, KGI comments that they expect the iPhone X to be completely withdrawn from the market in mid-2018, with a total of 62 million units sold compared to the 80 million that was initially speculated which will sell.

The three models to present this year? An improved iPhone X from 5.8, identical to the current one but with internal upgrades. A 6.5 OLED iPhone X Plus and a 6.1 LCD iPhone (a more basic model) will join the lineup, all with 18: 9 displays and the notch.

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This revamp of the entire phone lineup, according to Kuo, would give Apple iPhone 5-10 percent growth in sales this 2018.

So good news if you did not renew the iPhone X, expecting a similar model, but with a larger screen, it seems that 2018 will bring exactly what we are waiting for!