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IPhone X #FaceID security measures. Is it more secure than Touch ID?

IPhone X #FaceID security measures. Is it more secure than Touch ID?

One of the big questions about how Face ID works – the new way to unlock iPhone X – is on the topic of security. How secure is it compared to Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor? If only our face is required, is it possible to unlock the phone with a photo?

Fortunately, the necessary precautions are being taken to avoid these problems and make Face ID a more secure option.

For example, him iPhone X uses a series of sensors very similar to those of the Microsoft Kinect, capable of projecting a series of infrared points, invisible to our sight, which are read by a special camera. This allows us to have a kind of highly accurate three-dimensional map of our face, so it is not only impossible to trick the sensor with a photograph (which is flat, two-dimensional, does not have depth), but can detect changes in our face. For example, when we wear glasses or glasses, we leave our beards, or change our hairstyle, due to this precise three-dimensional map of our face.

This also has an interesting effect: it will only unlock our phone when we are looking directly at it.. If we close our eyes, or look elsewhere, the iPhone will remain locked. This is a security measure in case someone wants to force us to unlock the phone (some thief, or entity that is not authorized to unlock our phone)

In addition to this, a new emergency system is being implemented where pressing the two buttons on the sides, Face ID will be deactivated.

They are important security measures, considering that unlike Touch ID, Face ID does not require direct physical contact to identify us. However, if someone manages to access our fingerprint – forcing us to put our hand on the phone, for example – Face ID has more security checks, so it could turn out to be more secure.

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