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IOS 11.1 is out, correcting several bugs and with new EMOJI!

IOS 11.1 is out, correcting several bugs and with new EMOJI!

IOS 11 brought major changes to Apple's operating system; especially for iPads. The improved Control Center has become indispensable in my daily use of iPhones and iPads. However, with so many changes to the OS – perhaps the most number of modifications since iOS 7, a lot of bugs or problems also appeared. Even during the Beta phase – of which I was a participant – iOS 11 was one of the most buggy versions that I got to test. You can read all the news of iOS 11 here, but today, we will focus on the hot update that has just come out for all compatible iPhones and iPads, iOS 11.1:

This new version brings with it 70 new emojis that we can start using now, thanks to the implementation of Unicode 10. These Emoji also work with Android 8.0 Oreo, and include some very fun ones. My favourites? The one with Zombie, the Emoji speaking smoothness, the star struck, the one that explodes his head.

Also, something that many will enjoy is the return of the multi-tasking gesture on screens with 3D Touch. This gesture allows us to press the left side of the screen with a certain pressure to start multi-tasking. If we drag our finger to the other end, we can jump directly to the previous app. It's super practical, especially for those of us who jump between the same apps several times, and I'm glad Apple has finally returned it to this version of iOS.

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To begin with, we finally have the fix to crashes that were presented in iPhones 6 and 6S. IOS 11.0.3 caused many older iPhones to crash frequently, which has been fixed in iOS 11.1. We also have an optimization for battery life on iPhones, fixes to the Photos app, which sometimes showed poor quality images, or sometimes did not show photos in the People or People section.

As always, it's worth updating as soon as possible. If they were in the iOS 11.1 Public Beta, they don't have to update. The Build Number, or version, is the same as in Beta 5 (15B93)