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Installable software vs. portable

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Little by little portable applications They are gaining ground, especially with the issue of removable storage devices, so we can take our favorite programs on the USB key and use them on any computer, even if it is not ours.

Sometimes it bothers me a lot to have to install an application since the functionality it offers is so simple and little relevant that it would not be necessary to have to install it, since it can be executed directly. For example, when I say simple applications, I mean one that is responsible for pinging an IP. Different is the case of Photoshop or some advanced program that requires installation, it is understandable.

From a technical point of view I can not say much, I suppose that some applications do or do have to be installed to function properly, some programmer could get rid of this and tell us in the comments why some have to be installed on a mandatory basis.

Lately, always declining for portable applications, when I go somewhere I try to look for the portable alternative over the installable, especially for convenience, one runs and is already working. Sometimes it is annoying to have to install it, even if it takes a few seconds, it is a waste of time and we mess up the operating system, especially when the application is temporary and we will not use it often.

As a complementary link I leave you Portable Apps, a site where we can find portable alternatives to many programs that we use on a daily basis.

What do you prefer, installable or portable applications?