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InfoTool, information about your computer hardware


InfoTool It is an application that allows us to obtain information about our team's hardware and software. One of the best known programs in this area is Everest, which I think is paid, and the only free version left is from several years ago. Luckily there are interesting alternatives like this that I am going to tell you about now, totally free.

Once we run it, we have to wait a few seconds for it to obtain the information of the equipment and generate a report with all the components and software that we have installed. The default interface is in German, but we can change it to English so we understand a little more.

This type of tools is useful when we want know what components we have installed on our computer, especially for when we just bought one and we want to make sure we have what they promised us when buying it. It's okay that not all sellers are dishonest, but prevention is better than cure, the saying goes.

We can download the program in its installable or portable version, I think the best option is the portable one, normally we don't go seeing the information of the equipment in the usual way, so why install it if the use is sporadic.

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