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In Paris, for the launch of the Huawei P20! (VIDEO) # HuaweiP20 #ooo

In Paris, for the launch of the Huawei P20! (VIDEO) # HuaweiP20 #ooo

I am in Paris, France, at the invitation of Huawei, ready to attend the launch of perhaps one of the most anticipated phones of the year: the Huawei P20. Huawei promises to give us a camera with huge changes in the equipment, especially in the photographic section.Follow me on instagram (@arturogoga)to find out all the details in real time!

What can we expect?

We've compiled all the phone information here based on rumors and details that I can already take for granted, so a good way to find out what's in store for us with this phone is, of course, to skip the main article:

But it is one thing to know the “specs”, and quite another to have it in your hands. Fortunately,all members of the press assistant will be given a P20(They do not confirm if the Pro or the regular model)to be able to carry out respective tests of the equipment.In fact, we have a City Tour the day of tomorrow where we will be given the opportunity to test the phone.Me? Of course, I will put it against the iPhone 8 Plus that I brought, along with the Galaxy S9 + to bring you a quick comparison between the three models.

What is the most important thing I should know about the phone?

The Camera (s)

As in previous years, Huawei is putting a lot of emphasis on its camera system. And this year, we can expect a big jump against the P10 or even the Mate 10. So much so, that Huawei has decided to name the P20 phone. Not only do we have two cameras (one RGB sensor and one monochrome) as in previous configurations, but the back includes a third camera with a 3X optical zoom (equivalent to approximately 72-76mm), which can be a “hybrid” zoom. ”Of 5X. What do we mean by this Hybrid Zoom? Well, having a main sensor of 40 + 8 MP (yes, the sensor of the main camera has 40 megapixels, almost as many as the remembered Lumia 1020), it is possible to use images to "pull" more detail and then crop a segment of it, extracting an 8 Megapixel photo that has a 5X magnification. I will explain it better in the hands-on video that will be out soon but, in essence, it's like cutting out a piece of a large photo. Basically the same thing that happens when we record a video in 4K for a project in 1080p, it gives us the freedom to have 4 times the resolution and, therefore, zoom in "4X" without losing quality.

In addition, a portrait mode or "Portrait Lightning" is expected like the one that has the iPhone 8 / iPhone X. This, like the iPhone X, would also offer it in the front camera.

Renovated design

We just had a great redesign on Huawei phones with the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro, but now we will have one more! The P20 comes in a full-screen design, with the hated-loved "notch" or hedge.

See also

The rest of the news? I already mentioned them in a new article.But needless to say, the expectations for this phone are enormous.

Where to watch the broadcast?

From right here!Starting at 8 am today (Mexico / Peru time) you can watch the live broadcast of the Event