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Improve Android battery with ForceDoze (TIPS)

Improve Android battery with ForceDoze (TIPS)

Double the Android battery with this Tip!

The Android battery used to be atrocious. However, recent updates have improved the autonomy of our phones. One way to improve Android battery, almost duplicating it, in my experience, is implementing Force Doze

Force Doze: Improve Android Battery With One Command

What is Force Doze?

To understand how it works, we have to know what Doze is. Implemented in Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), Doze is a state where our phone goes into a sleep mode, causing the battery consumption to be minimal. The phone automatically exits this mode periodically to receive notifications and re-enter this mode. Due to the way Android is structured, many apps can be kept running in the background, consuming resources from our phone and, therefore, our battery. Doze mode forces these apps in the background to shutdown, thus prolonging our battery life considerably.

However, the way in which Google has designed Doze, is that it runs after a long time of inactivity, and if it usually detects our phone idle. That is, as soon as we move our phone, the Doze mode is disabled. Many times, since we usually check our phones constantly, we never give Android the opportunity to activate this mode (which usually works after half an hour of total inactivity on the phone).

What Force Doze does, then, is force Doze mode within seconds of turning off the screen, rather than waiting half an hour or more.. In this way we can prevent heavy or annoying apps like Facebook from trying to turn on our phone every time for no apparent reason or reason. And yes, we may see a slight delay in receiving our messages – because Doze checks them at intervals, rather than every so often – but things like calls and text messages keep coming in seamlessly.

The difference is brutal. In my case, I've seen Force Doze improve the Android battery to such an extent that it duplicated it. Especially when it was not used, the phone, from consuming 3 or 4% per hour, went on to consume 1% every two hours. That is, I can leave it unplugged overnight without charging, and the phone will have lost at most 3% battery. It is really effective.

How to use Force Doze to Improve Android Battery?

The method to teach them doesn't need root, but it does need us to run a couple of commands on a PC that has ADB (android debug bridge) installed.

Download Force Doze / Enable USB Debugging

The first thing they need is of course to download Force Doze. This can be done directly from the Play Store. Then, connect your phones to the PC via a USB cable.

Now on your phones go to Settings / About Phone / Software Info and under Build Number or version number give it multiple taps. This will enable Developer Mode.

Now go to Settings / Developer Mode (usually the last option under Settings) and enable USB Debugging.

Install ADB / Insert commands to Force Doze

Everything simple so far, right?

Now, they need to download ADB to their platforms from here. They are available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Once downloaded, Unzip the folder, where you end up with several files like these:

What they have to do, is to open a command line (in Windows), or a Terminal window (in Mac) in said folder and run the command adb devices, in this way:

On Mac, they can open a Terminal window, and pull the file named adb so that MacOS automatically copies all the way to the file. They just have to add the word devices to the entire command line.

This will display the devices connected to the Mac. In this case, our phone. If you see that it has been detected, just type the command:

See also

adb -d shell pm grant com.suyashsrijan.forcedoze android.permission.DUMPPress Enter.

And if they are in Nougat (or higher), they must also run this command:

adb -d shell pm grant com.suyashsrijan.forcedoze android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGSOnce you have entered these two commands on your Mac or PC, open the Force Doze application on your phone and enable it! That's all you have to do to improve your Android battery!


Some phones, such as the Galaxy S8 or Mate 9, usually put apps to sleep to optimize the battery, within which Force Doze may be. Make sure to remove any energy savings from the phone in this app, as now Force Doze will take care of putting the phone to sleep whenever we need it.

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