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HQ Trivia, the iOS sensation, comes to Android.

HQ Trivia

In late 2017, a fever intoxicated many iOS users; It was a new game that took inspiration from the classic trivia games, but repackaged it for the modern age, and also gave us an incentive to keep coming back: cash (deposited in Paypal accounts), if we hit it with all the Trivia questions.

What's New in HQ Trivia – and what makes it so cool, but simple – is that it happens in real time, to avoid possible pitfalls. The game takes place live, animated by a person, who presents us with a money pit (usually $ 2000) as a prize if we answer 12 questions correctly. Usually, we compete with the rest of the users who are playing – In recent days I have seen approximately 650,000 – and if we make a mistake, we stay out until the next day. Of course, we can continue to watch the show – which lasts approximately 20 minutes – and see who the winners are. Usually, winners are usually around 170 – 200, so personal winnings end up being around $ 10- $ 15 at most.

Here is a recording of a complete game to give you an idea of ​​the mechanics:

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We only have 10 minutes to answer each question, and the game is available only in English, but so far, it's been so much fun.

The app can be found just from today for Android, from here. For iOS you can find it here. Don't forget use the code “arturogoga” when registering!