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HP Smart Web Printing, print only what you want from the web


Browsing I came across an interesting tool from HP, it's called HP Smart Web Printing and, as its name suggests, it allows intelligently print the web content you want. To those who have not ever happened to want to print information from various websites, but putting together something coherent and not loose parts, with this application we can do it.

Basically I explain how it works, once we install the application -which is light (6.6MB), taking into account the HP applications that are always large- we add a button to our browsers, for the moment it only supports Internet Explorer 6/7 and Firefox 2.0. This button will give us access to the interface to select the content to print.

By clicking on the button we can begin to select the areas of the page wen we want to print, we can print anything, we just have to select the desired area. Then, years later, we opened a sidebar with the clips that were created (each selection of content that we made).

Once we have all the clicks created we can edit them and customize the format of the document to be printed, moving clips up or down, changing the images, etc. Then we can choose pr print the document directly or save it in PDF format for later printing or viewing.

The good thing is that no need to install HP applications or drivers, it is not a requirement to use an HP printer, I tried it with an Epson and it was perfect.

Download | HP Smart Web Printing