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How to use a CUE file to separate songs

How to use a CUE file to separate songs

Who has not happened that we download music but all the songs are pasted in a single fileThis happens especially to those of us who download electronic music (legal eh!), where mixes or sets are always a single file with all the songs pasted, for this there are obviously solutions.

The first solution is the difficult one, which consists of opening the file with an audio editor and separating the tracks manually, but who will want to do this if there is an easy option. This option is to use the CUE files, which we usually find together with the original file that we downloaded, or from the site where we downloaded it.

CUE files are basically a text file that contains information about the tracks The main file has, we would say that it contains the information that indicates how the songs should be divided, their names and other things that are not relevant. To sum up, is file is the one that allows us to separate the big file in the songs proper.

For this we will need an application called Medieval CUE Splitter, which allows us open the CUE files and separate the songs. Its use is very simple, first we download it from its official site, install it, and at the first start of the program ask us if we want to configure that all CUE files are associated with the application CUE Splitter.

Then what we have to do is run the CUE of the original file that contains the songs to separate, right there the program will open a window in which we have to select source file (the one that is all pasted), the application processes it and produces a list of available tracks for you to select the ones we want to separate.

Once we have all the desired songs marked in the list we give the button Split! found at the bottom left. Now the program asks us where we want save songs separately and takes care of everything else.