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How to protect your PC for free

This collaboration was sent by Binary Zine.

For protect pc it is not necessary to invest hundreds of dollars. There are excellent free apps that can do the hard work of keeping your data safe.

ZDNet I made a list of the ten FREE essential applications to protect your PC. Below we will summarize each one:

one. Secunia Personal Software Inspector: Detects installed software and lists it as insecure, discontinued, or updated. This allows you to remove software that potentially damages your PC, install other options for software that is no longer supported, or update our programs, depending on the results found.

2. AOL Active Virus Shield: Protects the PC against viruses, Trojans, spyware and malware. Check every hour to download free updates provided by the company.

3. Haute Secure: Blocks up dangerous content that could be hidden in Flash animations, advertising banners, search engines and widgets, among others. It also maintains an updated database with all the threats detected on the Internet.

Four. GMER: This tool detect and remove rootkits (Applications installed without our knowledge for various purposes). Look for hidden processes, processes, files, alternative data streams, registry keys, and drivers with suspicious behavior.

5. Netcraft: It is a toolbar for Explorer or Firefox that shows all the necessary information of a website. Group this data into a community that allows you to combat fraud and theft of information. Download for Explorer. Download for Firefox.

6. File Shredder: Permanently delete files and directories from hard drive preventing them from being recovered.

7. CCleaner: Remove deprecated files recovering hard disk space and making Windows performance more efficient.

8. PC Decrapifier: Eliminate unwanted software. It is mainly used to uninstall the programs that come by default with new PCs and Notebooks that otherwise cannot be removed.

9. NoScript: This program provides extra protection for Firefox-based browsers. This extension allows java and javascript content to run only on trusted pages, thus guaranteeing your safety.