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How to open several applications from the same shortcut

How to open several applications from the same shortcut

Lacuna Launcher

Those of us who work with many applications at the same time will see this tool as salvation, since it is sometimes annoying to have to open all the applications that we use manually. For example, as soon as I turn on the PC I open Thunderbird, Winamp and Firefox, which sometimes bothers me, but with this tool we can open all the applications we want automatically and at the same time from a single shortcut.

This utility is called Lacuna Launcher, and through a simple text file with the paths to the applications or files that we want to open, the system will execute the command to open everything at once. Something that is important to clarify is that you can set delays or pauses in the execution of the files, interesting not to overload the system and consume all the resources if there are many applications that we have to open.

The use is very simple, we unzip the official file that we downloaded and move the files ll.exe and list.txt wherever we want so that they do not disturb the desktop. Then we edit the list.exe to add the routes of the applications (one per line) that we want to run, it is valid for any type of file, as long as we put the correct path. Then when we want to open the applications we execute the ll.exe and ready.

Although on the official site it says that it is compatible with all versions of Windows except Vista since they do not name it, but I assure you that it works correctly in Vista, I fearlessly use it.

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