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How to install IOS 11 (Beta) on an iPhone or iPad?

Instalar iOS 11

iOS 11 has already been released as a beta for developers, and as we saw in the article dedicated to iOS 11, it brings with it great news. Lots of improvements for iPad multi-tasking, a customizable Control Center (yes, we can finally put a Low Power Mode button there) and much more. That's right, no need to wait until September or October, installing iOS 11 is now possible!

But beware: it is still unstable. In iOS 11: The Best Features, where I detail the most important changes to iOS 11 on video, I emphasized that it is still quite unstable. I have continuous crashes with certain apps, some other apps don't work either, and more. But to be the first Beta, and if we compare it with previous Beta 1 of past iOS versions, it is much more stable. I still wouldn't recommend installing it on your daily driver, on your primary phone, unless you can deal with its occasional crashes.

If this is not a problem, then today I will explain how you can install iOS 11 Beta on an iPhone or iPad right now, without having to be developers!

The process is very simple and unlike in previous years, they do not have to have a registered Apple ID as a developer to access it. Apple has relaxed its policies since it started releasing a Public Beta, so installing iOS 11 is super easy.

Step 0: Understanding the differences. Public Beta? Developer Beta?

For a couple of versions of iOS, Apple has opened the possibility for everyone to test the operating system prematurely, called the Beta version. This gives us a chance to try everything new announced this week at WWDC, but perhaps not everything will work 100%. The idea is that we can test it, and report the bugs or errors that we find. Now, there are two Beta versions that we can sign up for:

iOS 11 Beta for Developers: It is the one that comes out first and is available so that people who create applications for iPhone or iPad can install on their phones and test if their apps are compatible. This Beta comes out before the other and therefore the first versions are full of bugs and crashes. However, this beta version for developers is usually updated more often and before

iOS 11 Public Beta: Being open to the general public, this version is usually more stable. Usually, it is almost identical to the developer version, when the developer version is in its second or third update. That is, when Beta 2 or Beta 3 for developers is available, this is where we will see the first public Beta and they are usually identical.

If you can't wait for the Public Beta to come out (probably in late June), you can install the Developer Beta right now! And do not worry, when the final version of iOS 11 comes out, you will have it. Always, the final beta of iOS 11 is exactly the same as the final version.

Step 1: Backup iTunes from iPhone or iPad

This step is important, especially if they want to return to iOS 10 because they find the Beta too unstable. So before you do anything, connect your iPhones or iPads to iTunes, and back up all your information so that you can restore it in case you get bored, or find it too unstable for your tastes.

Step 2: Download the Beta Profile to install iOS 11

Identical to the public Betas, yesWe have to download a Profile using Safari on the iPhone or iPad, install it on our phone, restart and we will see that iOS 11 appears as available under our updates! Yes, we can already install iOS 11!

So open any of these files according to what you need to install. In this case, it is iOS (the first one) for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Note: They need to open it directly from Safari on iOS for it to work

Step 3: Restart

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Once the Profile is downloaded and installed, we will be asked to restart the phone. We accept, and then we go to Settings / General / Software Update and voila!

This will start the download of iOS 11 (it varies between 1.1 GB to 2.1 GB), and once finished, you will have iOS 11 installed on your phones!

It should be noted that to update, they do not have to do anything else. They will get all the updates via OTA (Over the Air), directly from Settings / General / Software Update

Again I must comment that the Beta is still unstable compared to a more mature release, but it is possible to use it, if you do not mind having one or two daily crashes.

IOS, as well as Android, is a great mobile operating system. If you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of each, do not miss this article: Advantages and Disadvantages of Android and iOS