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How to Hide iPhone Notifications? (VIDEO)

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IOS notifications are great; They are a good way to see, in a chronological way, all the texts, emails and notifications that we have received during the day. The problem? Which by default, are visible to everyone. It is enough for anyone to pick up our phone and automatically this person will see all our received messages and more.

IPhone X fixed this by only showing us a notification as notification – without the content – until Face ID identifies us.For those of us who have an iPhone with Touch ID – the fingerprint sensor – we can implement something very similar: notifications will appear, but their content will appear only when we briefly place our finger on the Touch ID sensor.

This is extremely useful, because in this way the notifications will not be in sight and patience of everyone, but will be visible only when we put our finger on it. Thus, we can lend the phone, leave it on the table, in the office, anywhere, and no one else will be able to read our notifications. Great, right?

To activate it, then, the process is super simple:

  • Let's go to Configuration
  • Then to Notifications
  • In “Activate Preview, make sure that the option When unlocked is selected. Otherwise, it will always be displayed.

Yes! That is all they have to do! Simple right?

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