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How to convert a PowerPoint presentation to video


Presentations in Power point They stopped being serious things to make presentations in the office or use them in work environments, they are already used to distribute any type of nonsense through email chains, which does not mean that they are not useful, indeed, they are very useful , and more if we use PowerPoint templates of quality and not the traditional ones that everyone uses.

But the PPT format is not so traditional as to make it work on any device or share it anywhere, that's why I found this application interesting Free PowerPoint to AVI, that allows you convert any presentation into a video, especially to share it on YouTube or watch it on other types of devices, such as mobile phones.

It is a very complete tool, it allows you to convert a PPT to video in various AVI, MPG, WMV formats, or extract audio in MP3 format. It also has two conversion methods, one automatic and one interactive, where the user can choose certain parameters; It also has several levels of compression, and we can even attach other audio to it that we want in a very simple way.