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Holo: Add “Holograms” to your photos with this App! (iPhone / Android)

Holo: Add “Holograms” to your photos with this App! (iPhone / Android)

Holo is an app that has just come out for Android and iOS that allows us to insert characters into our photos and videos, with a kind of augmented reality that the company is calling holograms. In fact, it's software that previously debuted on the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, one of the first phones with Google Tango (a series of special sensors), but now available for more phones.

The Holo idea? Give us the possibility to insert any of your characters in our photos to capture a video or photo. Among the available characters, we have several movie characters, athletes, celebrities, comedians, and original Holo characters in the repertoire.

Once the character has been chosen (Spiderman is from the movie to be released!), We can rotate it, resize it or move it, even when we have started recording.

The result is fun, but we can clearly notice that it is beta software. The models, for example, are not very well animated, and unlike the ARKit demo that we saw during WWDC, the models are not modified according to the lighting of the image, so they may seem a bit out of place.

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Still, it is a fun app to play this weekend!

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