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High Sign: Increase your productivity with mouse gestures


High Sign

When he was (short time) user of Opera loved the mouse gestures (I do not get the definition in Spanish .. mouse gestures?), It was the first application in which I used them and I noticed an increase in productivity, after I stopped using them again, I tried them in other applications, until today I found High Sign, a program that adds mouse gestures to the operating system, only for Windows is this application.

For those who don't know what mouse gestures are, they are mouse movements that execute a specific action, for example, to minimize an application, they move the mouse pointer diagonally downwards and it is automatically minimized. High Sign uses the right mouse button to do this, so we press the right button, recreate the gesture with the mouse and the action will be executed.

I recognize that getting used to using them is quite complicated, remembering each gesture in particular is a heavy task, but when we incorporate them and make it a habit I assure you that productivity increases considerably since we only do a movement of the mouse and we are already executing actions. Something I liked is that we can configure actions for specific programs, for example the browser, so that they do not mix with other applications when we are running them.

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