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HARTO of Whatsapp audios? CONVERT VOICE messages to TEXT!

HARTO of Whatsapp audios? CONVERT VOICE messages to TEXT!

You have friends who send Too many audios on WhatsApp, and you don't have time to listen to them all? Would you rather be able to read them? So you MUST download Transcriber for Android, an app that allows you to easily and quickly transcribe all kinds of audios to text in seconds! That's right, with this we can convert voice messages to text

Convert voice messages to text

Transcriber works as follows to convert voice messages to text (see video for more details)

  • We leave the finger pressed for a few seconds on the voice messages
  • We click to share
  • In the list, we select Transcriber as an option.
  • We wait a few seconds, and we will have the message transcribed! It's that simple to convert voice messages to text

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Transcriber is totally free and works so well, we are surprised that WhatsApp has not implemented something similar in its app until now. It is super practical, because sometimes just we can't be listening to the audios; sometimes it takes too long to listen to them instead of just reading a text. Transcriber is the best of both worlds: it allows the person to continue sending audios, and for those of us who prefer to read texts instead of listening to audios, we can simply use this app and voila!

Transcriber is free with no ads. There is a Pro version that can transcribe all the received audios in the background instead of using the app with each audio independently. But if this doesn't bother you, the free version is more than enough!