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Graabr, capture the screen and share the image in a few clicks


Sometimes it is necessary share a screenshot with someone, either to show an error message, or simply want to show something that we are seeing on the screen. But this becomes tedious if we do not have a tool that makes the task easier, since we have to take the capture, open it with an image editor, and then upload it. Graabr It is a tool that allows us to do all of that in a few clicks.

The system works through a simple client that we download, it weighs 700KB and the site does not require any type of registration to use it. Once installed, a button is added to the system tray, clicking on it opens the simple Graabr interface. To capture the screen we give Grab my screen and the option is enabled for us to mark the section to capture on the screen. Then we see the preview of the image and it gives us the possibility to upload it to the internet to share it.

After uploading the image, the browser opens loading it and giving us the possibility to share it on any social network with a click. In the client we have a kind of history of the images that we uploaded to Graabr, very useful when we do not remember the link of any capture that we uploaded and we need to share it again.

Something I did not like is that all the captured images become public and are housed in the gallery of the site, something that, if we are not sharing something private, is not a problem, but it would be excellent to give the option of being able to upload captures without let them out in the galley.

Seen on Go2Web2.0